Mission/ Vision

We strive to bestow our students with scholastic attitude, spirit of scientific enquiry, personal & professional integrity, knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, passion for the service of the mankind through competent faculty, adequate infrastructure and conductive academic environment for achieving & sustaining excellence in engineering & allied areas, meaningful interaction with industry and all-round progress of our nation.

Building an organization based on trust and values lies at the core of philosophy. Nurturing brilliance and excellence with the belief that all are winners and encouraging them to think beyond and out of the box. We are committed in developing outstanding leaders who can motivate and develop confidence and trust in others.

It is important to respect others, be honest and take accountability for actions. It is our Endeavour to develop the spirit of “I CAN” with his Grace. A culture of caring and honesty is our backbone.

To elevate the KNGDMEC to become a preferred destination not only in the state of Utter Pradesh but also in whole of India and finally globally for high quality and value based technical education. Where it will be part of education to faster in the student the ability to apply what they learn, believe in the lifelong learning and dedicate themselves to work for the common good.