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Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation strives really hard on providing the best possible facilities to the students as well as the teaching department of the colleges/universities. The faculty has all the modern facilities and basic amenities. The courses offered are wide and cover a large variety of topics which helps you to grow and learn while teaching. The personal level interaction between the students and the teachers helps you to form a connection with the class which helps you to teach in a more friendly and understandable manner.

KNGDMEC is running under Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation helping you to get a personal growth in terms of knowledge. Fully maintained and timely updated library with a wide range of books by different authors help you personally to learn and explore more out of one single subject. Round the clock facility of internet all over the campus help you to get access to the world around and make your work all the more interesting. KNGDMEC provides you with best remuneration in the industry according to the norms of AICTE, experience in the field and academic qualification to keep you satisfied mentally as well as monetarily. The eligibility criteria of the faculty is decided by the university/college itself which has to be met by the candidates to get on board with the job. Apply online to be a part of KNGDMEC for making new history.