K.N.G.D. Modi Engineering College, Modinagar-201204

(AKTU Code-195)

It is my privilege to welcome you and introduce you to KNGD Modi Engineering College, Modinagar, UP, India which has been established in 2005 with a mission to impart scientific, technical skills and social attitude.The attempt has been made to build a centre of excellence by implementing ample number of innovative steps to nurture its students for corporate and professional careers.

Apart from the mainstream academics and curriculum activity, the college provides Industry Interface, Performance enhancing programs, Placement training and Career support programs, multiple skill acquisitions, orientation and induction programs, scholarship and rewards for the deserving students. Associations for every discipline, cultural activities, music, nature, adventure, outdoor and sports activities are provided to enhance the students multiple skill acquisition in a culturally rich environment of a great Indian tradition. The development of students through live projects, value addition courses, and inclusive education in spoken and written English and training in industry is a complementary pursuit of significance. What is being sought is a comprehensive and wholesome development of students. The KNGDMEC is moving forward in its pursuit for excellence at a brisk pace. It is also attempting to establish a unique and differentiated identity for itself.

I always advise my students to make best use of the opportunity and challenge them to aim high and contribute to the enrichment of academic environment today, and later to lead professions so that they effectively contribute to the improvement of society; I encourage our faculty to continue providing a stellar professional education and exploring innovative venues for research and creative inquiry.

We are sure you will achieve all that you have set out to achieve for a highly successful career and more than that to be a good human being. I look forward to working with all students, parents, faculty and staff. The door of my office is always open. Don't hesitate to contact me with any apprehension or suggestion, or propose any developing idea that will ultimately benefit everyone in the KNGDMEC.