Anti Ragging

Anti  Ragging 

Anti Ragging Affidavit (Parents)-(Download)
Anti Ragging Affidavit (Students)- (Download)

As per directives of the hon'ble Supreme Court of India, as well as the guidelines laid by U.G.C., ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the institute.

Every scholar admitted to this institution shall have to furnish an affidavit signed by his parent / guardian and another signed by himself that he / she will not indulge in any act of ragging.

Freshers or any other student(s), whether being victims, or witnesses, in any incident of ragging, shall be encouraged to report such occurrence, and the identity of such informants shall be protected and shall not be subject to any adverse consequence only for the reason for having reported such incidents.

Any complaint regarding ragging may be given to the under mentioned numbers or may be contacted personally.

Anti Ragging Committee

Mobile No.
1 Director of KNGD
2Mr. U.N. Mishra Registrar
3Mr. Prabhat Kumar Srivastava, HOD, CS. Deptt
4Mr. Rahul Kumar HOD, M.E. Deptt
5Mr. Sunil Tiwari, HOD, E.C.E. Deptt
6Mr. Ajay Singh HOD, E.N. Deptt
7Mr. Shiv Kumar HOD, C.E. Deptt
8Dr. Abhishek Kumar Chief proctor
9Mr. Om Prakash Warden Ginni Hostel
10Mr. Randhir Kumar Warden, Jagrati Hostel